Meet the Team

Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies

“We put the E in STEM”

Our entire team comes from one big family. The Academy family. Or at least that is what we call ourselves being such a small school. With only 167 students, the Academy is a vocational high school where students choose to “major” in one of two engineering fields (computer + electrical engineering or civil + mechanical engineering). Currently, our team consists of 11 ECE students and 2 CME students.Although we are all engineers, we are a rather diverse group. From people who love to sing and dance in their spare time to people who love to play with CAD and code. We cover a rather broad range of interests. This way, we know that we will always have different perspectives and ideas to bring to the table.

So what are we?

We are creative thinkers.
We are problem solvers.
We are inventors.
But above all else, we are engineers.

The Team!

The Team!


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